Project Description

Hi, sorry to bug you with more small changes, but my publicist looked at the redesigned site and made some suggestions. This should be the last for a while. I’ve attached a rough mockup of the home page to show what I’m looking for in the BSM box. Here are the changes:

1) In the newly added purple box on the Home page, please put this text: Author of fun and engaging fiction for middle grade readers (ages 8-12) and avid film buff!

2) Please add the box with “AVAILABLE MAY 26TH!” I would like this to be something I can easily remove. (And please explain how to remove it.)

3) On Home page, please change color on links for NZC to purple instead of yellow. Leave BSM links yellow. Make accent lines on sidebar purple instead of yellow. Change menu at top to yellow text instead of white.

4) The magnifying glass icon at the top of each page should have blue background, not purple.

5) I also need a box with “AVAILABLE MAY 26th” on the Books page next to BSM. Again, please make it easy to remove.

6) On Books page, I removed some text from the beginning of the BSM copy but it isn’t updating. Do I need to do something differently when I’m editing text in the pages?

Also, I added a date to the Girlfriends Read event in News & Events but it won’t update on the Home page. Am I doing something wrong?

That’s it, thanks.

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