Art Selling Website Build / Design

Project Description

I have a friend that is an artist. We would like to set up a simple, single page website to display her paintings. I would like a title with her logo, a brief paragraph describing her and her art, and contact information ( email, phone, etc. )

The main body of the page will be pictures of her art work. Under each picture will be 3 lines of text. One line will be the price for a certain size print. The next line will be the price for a second size print. The third line will be text saying that if you want an original made to spec for you to contact the artist / agent.

I would like an option at the bottom to contact the artist which will be directed to an email address.

I would also like the ability to remove pictures and add pictures. Also to change listed prices and text at the top through a log-in with a password.

Since this is a site selling art it will need to look professional yet artistic.

Please let me know if you can do this project in a reasonable amount of time

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