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Hello Freelancer Community

I have a friend who currently has a photography business with a company in the UK and she says that the are extremely frustrating to deal with and wants to stop paying big money for poor service.

She is soon going to take her website down from the company and is looking to have a brand new website for her business, below is the email she sent me:

“Out of interest how much would it cost to set up a full on site for me, better than the existing site I have, I would need to be able to access it myself for minor changes, to be able to upload images for galleries etc. can you help me with that if I took my domain off the company I am currently with, like I’ve said to you before everything I’ve ever done with them has been a nightmare so I’d be glad to see the end of them”

If you could please head over to and have a look through and let me how much it would cost to create a website similar to this for my friend where she can access it to make changes from her end, wordpress maybe or something like that ??

Thanks heaps.

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