Project Description

I am the CoFounder of a Not For Profit Organisation called StreetMed, a charity that has been operational since Sep this year. We provide street level first aid and mental health care for the homeless in Western Sydney. Currently we are having massive problems in getting our website up and running. Mainly because the 5 different people who have offered so far have run a mile when they hear the words “word press”. Our domain name and hosting is being done as a donation by Blue Central, and the page has been designed by a graphic designer as a donation for us also, we just can’t find anyone to link the two and at the same time when completed, that will give us access as the information will change regularly and we need access to be able to do this. I have attached a PDF of the design and was wondering if you could please quote the cost to do this for us. It would be very much appreciated as we are losing a lot of potential donations with only having a FB page and we are desperate (and not very cashed up ). Thank you for your time.



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