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Project Description

I have an urgent need for a landing page with a bit of personalisation and a small database behind it.

Here is how it works.

The page will have some copy in it that will say

“Hello XXXX

It was nice to meet you at the Alumini event and we welcome you to the Experience”

The XXXX will be filled in from a small database of names of who I will have given a webkey to at the event.

Each webkey I give someone at the event has a unique ID code and when I give it to them I will make sure I get their business card or details when I do.

The landing page will need a simple admin section (does not even need to be password protected as this is a one off event). I will go to this admin page showing me the database of webkey ID’s (ie just numbered column) and I will type in the name of the person I just gave the Webkey to.

When they get home they will plug in the webkey and it will go to the landing page and append the ID

The code on the page will recognise the webkey number 1 and reference the database and see that I have typed in “Jo Bloggs” and it will then put Jo Bloggs in the copy where the XXXX is.

The page itself is going to be very simple. Mostly text and a couple of images and logos.

So Simple one column database that gets a HTTP query via the unique URL from the webkey. The webkey URLs are fixed.


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