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Project Description

I am interested in having a new website design on WordPress.

I need someone who is: creative, can follow instructions, can make suggestions which may be an improvement on what I am envisioning, can complete the job in a timely manner and who is efficient, effective and who can communicate effectively in English.

It needs to be a responsive website.

I already have a website which the contractor can view as some of the elements will be the same… so there is a format that can be copied or followed easily.

I have a logo for the banner at the top… however, the words ( size of lettering) attached to the logo need to be adjusted as when it is put the top of the website it appears to out of balance.

It will have : Landing Page, Home Page, About, Coaching, Blog, FAQ

Social media buttons

The format: 2/3rds on the left with a column on the right hand side

There will be a downloadable FREE ebook at the top of the right hand column, and then there will be another ebook for sale via Amazon.

The colours will be different blues.. however, I am also looking at incorporating some mauve/lavendar/possibly some yellow and some green.

It is to appeal to professional women.

It needs to be crisp and clean looking with lots of white space/background.

It also needs to have some pictures in between to break up the words and to add more zing to the pages.

Blue is a colour that appeals to women most, followed by green purple and yellow.

I need this completed within approx. 10 days – preferably by 1st December.

The only thing that I need to do is to get the video for the landing page completed.

All of the words are completed for each page.

The website that we will be following is:

if you need to know more then please contact me.



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