First United Methodist

Project Description

I have an existing website and content that I am fine with, however, I purchased a new theme and want a design refresh. I have run into a couple annoying issues with text formatting, plus I wanted a slightly different look than the stock theme provides. I am looking for mainly a home page design refresh, but this is with an existing theme that provides 90% of what I want already. This would be a home page design/facelift from an existing theme with new background photos and a few design tweaks to support our brand/identity. This would include new background, logo integration, updating footer content with social media links via widget, content placement and design for a nice looking home page.

I have installed wordpress and the theme on a secondary/test domain already. Once the home page design and theme tweaks are complete on the theme/child theme, I can handle the transition on the hosting end as well, I just don’t like web development!

Current page:

Theme purchased:

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