Fixes to juliemata website

Project Description

Hi, I have a few more issues on my website I need to deal with. I don’t think they will take long.

1) The word “Blog” is showing up on the line below the other page titles in the upper right corner of all pages. Can you move it to the same line as the others?

2) I would like to move the “Coming in May 2015” banner on the Home page higher on the background so I can insert text below it. Can you explain to me how I can do this?

3) Messages from the Contact Me page are supposed to come to my email but I’m not receiving them. They are ending up in Feedback.

4) If you look on the Kate Walden Selects administrator page, you will see I have a paragraph of text. Can you explain how I can get the text to show up on the actual page–below the title and above all the videos? Right now it’s not showing up.

5) An “About the Author” box has suddenly appeared at the bottom of all my pages. Can you please delete that!

Please let me know if you can work on these issues. Thanks!

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