Level 7 Productions

Project Description

The site I need designed is informational only. I anticipate about 5 pages. I currently dont need a shopping cart or customer tracking but I will be adding that in a future upgrade. It needs to be SEO and ADWords friendly. It must also be IOS and Android friendly. Im not looking for a smart device site at the moment but will add that in a future upgrade. It is important that the site is visually captivating. The information on the site will rarely change except for a blog page (until I upgrade with a reservation calendar and customer tracking). If a blog page is problematic or cost prohibitve I can link out to facebook until a future upgrade can include. I would like a sign up area for people who want my newsletter, but this is optional if it is difficult to do. A database wont be required until I get much bigger. My business is in Audio/Video equipment rental and event planning. Im listing this as a one time job. However, the developer I use will get first crack at all future upgrades. I expect to have the upgrades completed within 6 months.

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