Webhouse Data Storage

Project Description

We need our website redone. We are looking to do a redesign and add some more features. Below is a list of what we would like to see on our new website. We want our website skeleton designed to be identical with Penguin computing but designed around our company WebHouse.

New Website Must Haves:

More Interesting, More of a POP, less boring, more professional but fun

Must be Mobile Capability (iPhone, android)

Easy editable (so if updating needs to be done, we can easily access update/change/edit it)

Want to be able to post “Press Release”

Add a “Contact Us”

Add a “Search Bar”

We want a “Log In” function on the site

Also would like a “Blog” on the site

We would like the tabs on the main page as on penguincomputing.com that says “Products / Solutions / Services / Partners / and Company”

Our current website is:


We would like the main page (as like penguin computing) to have a scrolling section where we can add and change photos from time to time

Penguin Computing site: http://www.penguincomputing.com/

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