pulls another stupid move so I signed up at Fiverr

Today is my first official blog post. You see yesterday a client marked my project as not on budget, reducing my perfect 100% score to 99%. That would be acceptable except for one basic fact. The project budget had a range of 250-750. My bid was $250. My payment was $250. This is not a he said she said situation. It’s a fact. Maybe FOX News owns freelancer…wait, it is an Australian company.

Overall freelancer has been a gigantic disappointment over the last few months. I’ll get into that later posts. The good news is I;ve noticed they do seem to reverse course when they implement a stupid policy, and they’ve implemented no shortage of stupid policies. If by some chance some freelancer employee happens to run across this article, just think that if you have simply changed the project budget to yes (again, provable fact) I probably wouldn’t has signed up elsewhere leaving more time to work at Freelancer.

Also of all the people I’ve chatted with on freelancer, most of whom are nice, ineffective but nice, this guy was clearly had the needle pointing to orangey-red on the d-bag scale. I’m assuming it will be corrected as I was offered a job in the future and did get a five star review from said employer leading me to believe he simple made an error, but we will have to see.

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