Corralitos Country Kitchen

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About the kitchen...

Christi-Ann first started cooking at 3 years old when she watched her 81 year old grandmother prepare for each party that consisted of a guest list of no less then 75 people at least 4 times a year and smaller gatherings at least 4 times a month. Her first job was tediously pulling apart egg roll wrappers (we call lumpia wrappers). Gradually she was given more and more tasks and the love of cooking for people took root.

Cooking inspiration comes from her asian background, and the myriad of ethnicities in the bay area. Fresh vegetables and fruits that are abundant in California are used in her food preparations.

Christi-Ann's grandmother lived to the ripe old age of 108 and her love for cooking continues through her family. Christi-Ann continues this tradition cooking for family and friends. Food is when friends and family come together, enjoy each other's presence and fill their stomach and the joy of being together.