Fios Focus

About the project

We are a small start up (very small) wanting to build a website dedicated to a product launch. The site will be primarily informational but would prefer to work with someone who may have marketing ideas or experience. This is for a new supplement created and formulated by someone in the medical profession. No e-commerce at this time but would like the ability to expand to this down the road, especially as we develop new products and expand. Due to the time differences, would prefer to work with someone stateside so we can communicate during working hours (we are Central time zone) however, open to anyone who can do the work. Would prefer to have a finished product by mid-late December. Hosting the website on Godaddy, so would also prefer to have someone who is experienced with this. After the site is built, since not much will be added, would like something very easy to maintain with minimal input. WordPress is fine. Also, there could be additional maintenance down the road.