Charities & Churches

Old ChapelSpecial services for Charities, NGOs and Churches are offered which allows the trustees to manage their organisations efficiently.

Advisory Services

Charities, religious and faith-based organisations need relevant expertise, guidance and support more than ever. Today, these organisations of all sizes face a new era of accountability, regulation and scrutiny never seen before.

Probitas is committed to helping Charities and Churches to thrive and grow. We provide specialised service to support and guide all our clients. Through our support and guidance, organisations are able to identify challenges, make informed business decisions to help manage their organisations. We do assist them to develop strategies to run the organisations.

Our church, Faith Based & Charity consulting and advisory service include:

·         Registration of Charities & CIO
·         Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping
·         Outsourced & Interim Manager
·         Strategic and financial consulting
·         Software needs assessment
·         Accounting system design & implementation
·         Revenue Generation Strategies
·         Anti Fraud
·         Due Diligence
·         Quality Assurance

Our church, Faith Based & Charity compliance and assurance services include:

·         Independent Examinations
·         Anti Fraud Strategies
·         Internal Audit
·         Preparation of Accounts
·         Filing of Accounts with authorities
·         ISO 9001 Quality Assessment

Clients are to be kept up-to-date on topics affecting the Charity sector through webinars, seminars and specialist newsletter.