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Your Virtual Accountant

The cloud is changing the way as accountants we serve you.

At Probitas, you can save money and time by choosing the cloud technology, which allows you to collaborate in real time with us, in dealing with your affairs. This also allows you to simplify your business life. We strive to make our clients life easy by taking the hassle out of the numbers. We are focused on big ideas that will help innovate and shape the firm and our client’s experiences.

“As a small business owner you have enough to do without spending time and effort keeping track of your expenses or working out who owes you what.  Nearly all small business owners (if they are being honest) will also agree that cash flow can be erratic at times, and to do simple tasks like produce invoices,  track bank and paypal transactions, or keep on top of VAT, you really need a cost efficient system.  And that is where cloud accounting software packages really earn their keep.”

As a firm we have chosen some of the best cloud softwares, QuickBooksOnline and Xero plus special addons that we recommend to our clients. These softwares allows us to support you better.

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