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Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a fast growing management strategy. Many successful companies have adopted outsourcing to reduce the burden of business regulation, and access knowledge and technology not available in-house.

As you are busy and have a demanding job and a full life, yet you wish to grow your business, Probitas have developed a range of ways in which you can outsource your payroll, book keeping and HR to us. This will allow you to concentrate on your business, while we look after your books for you. This will empower you and allow you to achieve your aspirations

Outsourcing can contribute to improving your bottom line through better resource utilisation and focus on core functions. Put simply, it allows you to concentrate on running your business.

Talk to us about:

• Regular management reports
• Focused business plan monitoring
• Budget monitoring and variance analysis
• Key Performance Indicator monitoring
• Payroll services and administration
• Tailoring of software solutions and integration
• cashflow & Cash control management
• Cloud accounting.
Accounting, Book-keeping and VAT
Accounting, financial and tax advice is tailored to each client’s needs. A small business owned by a single proprietor requires a different approach to a partnership or company enterprise.


Services are offered to prepare payroll to free up valuable time for you and your staff, to focus on your business or charity activities. The service will ensure
• Compliance with RTI
• Compliance with Pensions Auto Enrolment
• Calculation of weekly/monthly gross remuneration
• Calculation of income tax and National Insurance deductions
• Advice on calculating statutory maternity pay, statutory sick pay etc
• Preparation of weekly/monthly payslips
• Electronic filing of PAYE returns

Self Employed / Sole Trader

Accounting and taxation services are provided for Sole Traders, Individuals and Pastors.
HR & Training
Businesses are offered practical, cost effective Human Resources Advice, Training and Advisory Services to allow you to comply with statutory requirements

Company secretarial services

Company secretarial work is complex and time-consuming, particularly as a company grows. What is more, failure to comply with all the legal requirements can have severe implications for company officers and even for the company’s survival.

Delegating this work to Probitas’s team allows you concentrate on your core business, secure in the knowledge that you are compliant. Probitas maintains statutory records for companies in accordance with applicable legislation.

With up-to-date technical knowledge of the UK Company’s law and associated laws, means you can be assured your company, and secretarial work will be dealt with in a timely, professional manner.

Company formations

• The Provision of a Registered Office Address
• The maintenance of up-to-date statutory books available for inspection at any time
• The prompt submission of the company’s annual return to the registrar of companies
• The completion and notification of various Companies House forms, including any changes in directors or their particulars.
• Business Name Registration
• Due Diligence & Company Searches

EXIT STRATEGY & Business Valuation

We value businesses across different industry sectors.
We explain the valuation methods used clearly to our clients, without using jargon and provide our clients with a thorough understanding of the options available to them.
• Business valuation
• Succession planning
• Due Diligence

Examples of when a valuation might be required:

• Business acquisitions or sales
• Management buy-out or buy-in
• As part of a shareholder agreement on the sale or purchase of new shares
• Litigation as part of perhaps a divorce settlement