Why Us

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Services are designed and delivered to meet your business needs.

Take the time to get to know your business, starting with asking what your business needs to do for you, rather than what you need to do for your business.
Help make your business great through innovative and effective financial management, using the latest technology.
With the right information, you’ll make better business decisions and take greater control of your business and life.

We want to help you grow your business so that you can retain the reward for for you and the family.

Working in partnerships, so that you can achieve all that you set out to do. We offer high quality support and commitment, to allow you concentrate on building your business

Although SMEs today face an increasingly challenging working environment, essential support has to be effective to ensure that your business is adequately covered. We give you support and commitment with our knowledge and skills that enable you to fulfil your role as a business owner efficiently and effectively.

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We’re in business to make your small business work better. Find out more about our tried and tested methods.

Who We Are

Probitas is a Chartered Certified Accountancy firm based at South Woodford in East London, but serving clients across other parts of the Country. With the cloud technology and innovative communication facilities, clients can be based across the Country.

We are regulated by the Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants. As London and South East England Chartered Certified Accountants, with a national outlook, we can provide advise, support and answers to all your business, accounting and tax questions, through the use of technology.

Probitas’s Core beliefs are:
People are more important than money, and therefore value relationship more than transactions.
§  Financial decisions are more than just an exercise in math, they are an exercise in values.
§  Our believe is directly related to our values.
§  We believe that we must all contribute something valuable and make our society better, by supporting charitable works.

Our Vision

To partner and collaborate with you by using technology, including the cloud software. Through the adoption of the latest technology we shall assist our clients to:

Fulfil their financial and statutory obligations
Minimise their tax obligations
develop dynamic system to be able to help clients adapt to market and industry changes
To be creative and innovative with new strategies to help our customers’ businesses succeed.
To add value to our customers’ businesses.

To create an excellent working environment to:

Provide rewarding career opportunities
Promote personal and professional development

Our Core Values

To act with honesty, integrity and professional ethics
To be transparent with both customers and colleagues
To have mutual respect and commitment to both customers and colleagues
To support and encourage work life balance
To support and encourage community and charitable activities
To support and encourage equal opportunity