Sugar Magnolia Photography

About the project

Hi, we’re a new photography company looking for a website, in what we envision generally as minimalist/contemporary in style, with pink and white as our primary colors, or whatever matches our logo, which is attached and we can e-mail if different formats if needed.

We are looking for an introduction or welcome page with a paragraph or two about our company, our services and a rotating sample of our work consisting of about 5-6 pictures on that page.

From the menu on the website would be links to the following sections: (1) Portfolio, (2) Services, (3) Pricing, (4) Booking, (5) Holiday & Seasonal Specials, (6) FAQ, (7) About Us, and (8) Contact Us.

On the portfolio page, we would like to have a rotation of 4-6 pictures for each service available, which would be: (1) Senior Portraits, (2) Baptisms (3) Birthdays and Parties, (4) Toddler and Infant Photographs, (5) Holiday Specials, (6) Maternity Shots, (7) Family Portraits, and (8) Achievement Sessions, such as Graduation Photographs. Along with the 4-6 rotating pictures for each type of service, we would like to include about two sentences briefly describing the service. Additionally, we would like for the title to each service, which would go above the rotating pictures and photographs, to serve as a link to the section of the service page that correlates with the photograph sample or title clicked.

Additionally, we would like to have an interactive calendar, which would allow people to book appointments on line and allow us to manually enter photograph sessions that are not booked through the website.

The rest of the pages, services, pricing, holiday and season specials, FAQ, about us, and contact us would be simple text context with a few graphics/photographs at most.